8. July 2019


Fashion Communication


Looking for new opportunities in the fashion industry? Want to increase your job prospects after the end of a fashion design study? Are you employed in the fashion industry, but do you want to increase your sales performance? Would you like to become a fashion blogger? The School of fashion communication combines indispensable knowledge for all those who wish to have a career in the fashion industry, but they are not interested in classical fashion design.


In the past ten years, in the field of trends in the fashion industry there have been radical changes that produce brand new, modern fashion principles. The role of the fashion designer, although still necessary, is becoming less important, while the leading role is taking on new visual modal communication modes. The brand is instead of the question of how to design a particular garment, they find themselves before the question of how this garment (they also possess all other competing trademarks of the same price class) to sell. The answer to that lies in a fashion visual communication. The latter is becoming an essential extension of the modal design and the indispensable part of the fashion business. The new situation requires the development of different skills and skills that are not guaranteed by the study of fashion design, so abroad for a decade there is a kind of modern direction of modal study. The School of Fashion Communication offers the acquisition of knowledge in the field of key concepts of modal communication such as fashion stylist, visual merchandising, understanding of the fashion buyer and the modern phenomenon of fashionable blogginga and thus opens the door to the participants The acquisition of new employment opportunities.

The school is intended for:

  • Students and fashion-shaping pupils who want to upgrade their knowledge with modern known fashion communication and thus increase the later opportunity to work in the fashion industry
  • Employees in the fashion industry (sellers, consultants, trademarks or shops, Commercialists, arranges…) wishing to increase the performance of sales by means of advanced fashion communication skills
  • All without prior fashion education who want to change careers as well as those who just enter the labour market in the fashion industry.

Target of the school: To conquer key skills related to fashion communication, which will help to new job opportunities in the fashion market.

Description: The programme consists of five objects, each containing theoretical and practical works, in which the participants obtained theoretical knowledge also apply in practice. Participants also meet the leading pros from each field – visiting lecturers who will share their valuable experience and advice with them.

In addition, participants also receive a unique opportunity to participate in actual fashion communication projects, thereby gaining the insight in the functioning of the fashion wheel.

The Program Leads Tea Hegeduš, Mag. Strategic market Communication, a long-standing editor of Gloss magazine, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of fashionable stylist, creative leadership, visual merchandising and modal journalism.

A Program that lasts 80 hours will be implemented once a week in the afternoon between 16.30 and 20.30 hours.

Price: The price of the school is EUR 854.0 0. We also offer payment at 3 meals.

Program contents

SUBJECT 1: Introduction to Fashionable communication (5ur)

SUBJECT 2: Understanding of the fashion user (15 hours)

Theoretical part (10 hours)

  • Consumer behaviour in relation to fashion
  • External factors affect the fashion user
  • Internal factors affect the fashion user

Practical part (5 hours)

  • Work on freelance Project orders

SUBJECT 3: Fashion Styling (40 hours)

Theoretical part (20 hours)

  • Introduction to fashionable styling
  • Basic legality of good style
  • How to dress Other
  • Photographic styling
  • Styling for fashion magazines
  • Personal Styling
  • Styling in the entertainment industry
  • Management-Looking

Practical part (20 hours)

  • Work on freelance Project orders
  • Practical Field Training

SUBJECT 4: Visual merchandising (15 hours)

Theoretical part (10 hours)

  • The principle of visual merchandising
  • Composition, texture, colour, illumination
  • Creating a consumer’s shopping experience
  • Planning and dismantling principles
  • Creating Visual Concepts

Practical part (5 hours)

  • Work on freelance Project orders

SUBJECT 4: Fashion Blogging (5 hours)

  • The phenomenon of fashion Blogginga
  • The impact of fashion bloggers
  • How to become a blogger
  • Tools Fashion Blogginga


In the event of cancellation of the course:
– Ten (10) days before the beginning of the starting time, the declared candidate shall be charged 40
– Five (5) days before the beginning, the declared candidate shall be charged 70 prices
– For less than five days before the beginning, the declared candidate shall be charged 90

In case there are fewer than ten persons registered, we reserve the right to resign only with the return of the full registration. We will notify you of any cancellation at least ten days before the beginning.

Your account will be sent to your address within five days of the log-off, with a deadline of eight days.

For all additional information, please contact:

Petra Kocjancic
E-mail: petra.kocjancic@fd.si
Phone: 059 23 5004