8. July 2019


Interior Design 1

At the Faculty of Design, in October 2019, in the framework of lifelong learning, we will organise a one-year course INTERIOR DESIGN 1-Residential buildings in the range of 130 hours.

The course will be carried out once a week in the afternoon, between 16.30 and 20.30 hours from October to month of May.


The price of the course is EUR 846.00. We also offer payment to 10 servings, i.e. a monthly installment of EUR 84.60.

If fewer than 10 participants will be reported, the course will not be implemented.

Program Contents:

Theoretical part (total 60 hours):

1. Materials and procedures for the formation of interiers (30 hours)

  • Technical drawing Rules
    (plans, structural documentation, standardisation)
  • Procedures for interior design
  • Residential Space Equipment
    (Functional arrangements, dimensioning)
  • Materials for furniture Products
    (Wood and wood formation, mineral plates, metal, glass, ceramics, stone, paper, composite materials, synthetic materials, upholstery materials…)
  • Construction features of furniture elements
    (Wardrobe, table, bed, chair)
  • Floor, ceiling and wall coverings

2. Color theory (10 hours)

Familiarism with the basics of art theory, color-perception laws, psychological aspects of color and special colour concepts.
In the case of a participant, develop sensitivity to colour synthesis and the ability to
For the use of color legality in the design work.
Knowledge of the symbolism of color and understanding of the attractiveness of colors in relation to the culture, environment and personality characteristics of the individual.
Knowledge of the colors and their harmony poured into colored study elements.

3. Lighting (10 hours)

  • Light and Man
    (perception of light, vision, characteristics of the human eye, effect of light on man, glare)
  • Physical Bases of Light
    (The double nature of light, occurs in the proliferation of light, quantum light theory)
  • Light and color
    (Paints and wavelengths, perception of colours, colour and spectral content of light)
  • Natural and artificial light sources
  • Lamps
  • Interior lighting
    (Requirements and recommendations for interior lighting, design and implementation of interior lighting)
  • Scenic lighting
    (functional and effects lighting, exterior scene lighting)

4. Ergonomics (10 hours)

  • Ergonomic principles of design
    (Jobs and urban environment, Interaction Man – machine – man, seated position, microclimate, working surface, chair, lighting, noise, vibration).
  • Ergonomics of the housing environment
    (sanitation, kitchen, living room…). Customizations to people with disabilities. Dimensions of furniture. The role of letters, shapes and colors in human perception and perception.
  • Ergonomic analysis of the workplace
    (Living environment, passenger car cabins, prospective and retrospective technical (re) constructions from the point of view of the ergonomies of the movement, the purchase of new ergonomic equipment in the working and living Environment).

Practical part (total 60 hours):

1. Drawing a perspective of space (20 hours)

Creatively draw lines, lines, textures. Knowing and engaging in drawing balance, rhythm, proporce, variations and completion with a creative presentation. Familiarizing the process of formatting through literature as an individual job. Freepoint perspective and Demonstration Technique aksonometry and isometrics.

2. AutoCAD Basics (20 hours)

  • Programme presentation, flat coordinate system
  • Working with files
  • Basic settings
  • Icons, menus, commands
  • Layers
  • Sheet layout
  • Printing
  • Practical examples

3. Interior space Equipment (20ur)

The content is flexible in the context of new knowledge of residence, social and political changes, natural realities, climate change…
The object allows participants to interconnect various disciplines and science through practical starting points.
Project assignments are designed to enable participants to group as individual work.
The focus is on sustainable development, the use of indigenous materials, the integration of nature and the building in a uniform and compatible space that makes healthy and harmonious stays.


In the event of cancellation of the course:
– Ten (10) days before the beginning of the starting time, the declared candidate shall be charged 40
– Five (5) days before the beginning, the declared candidate shall be charged 70 prices
– For less than five days before the beginning, the declared candidate shall be charged 90

If fewer than ten people are reported to the course, we reserve the right to cancel this only by recovering the full registration. We will notify you of any cancellation at least ten days before the beginning.

Your account will be sent to your address within five days of the log-off, with a deadline of eight days.

For all additional information, please contact

Petra Kocjancic
E-mail: petra.kocjancic@fd.si
Phone: 059 23 5004