5. June 2024


Faculty of Design participates in the DRWO4.0 project

Faculty of Design participates in the DRWO4.0 project

Danube Region Wood Industry Transformation Model towards Industry 4.0


Lead Partner DRWO4.0:
Competence Centre Ltd. for Research and Development (HR)

The forestry industry in EU countries represents approximately 7% of the total
manufacturing GDP and provides nearly 3.5 million jobs in over 400,000 companies.
Despite rapid progress in Western Europe, less developed regions and non-EU

countries in the Danube Region (DR) face challenges, particularly in the
implementation of digitalization and new technologies as presented by the Industry
4.0 model. The DRWO 4.0 project aims to bridge these gaps by developing a new
model based on the transformation of the wood industry. This new model will focus
on interdisciplinarity (linking IT, design and other creative industries,
engineering/management fields), establishing and launching pilot environments, and
enhancing the capacities of all stakeholders within the wood sector of this region.
DRWO 4.0 will thus promote multisectoral collaboration between the scientific
research field, policymakers, and the rest of the industry, especially among small and
medium-sized enterprises, to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainable
development of the wood sector in the Danube Region.

The project involves 14 partner organizations.

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