21. May 2021



The Faculty of Design follows modern trends in higher education with international, interdisciplinary projects that take place every year within GIDE, the group for international education in design. Such projects allow students to experiment and think creatively and critically about a particular topic, and to integrate knowledge from two or more fields of study in order to create new knowledge and new experiences. It also enables them to connect internationally with students from other faculties. GIDE 2020 has created eight futuristic, forward-looking projects. Groups consisting of students of Visual Communication and the Department of Interior Design developed new concepts for mobile units during the pandemic. Such workshops allow students, academics, and researchers to explore together the cultural, social, and ethical dimensions of design. With such projects, the Faculty of Design wants to educate and raise critically thinking and creative individuals who know how to connect and cooperate, and whose creative work will have a positive impact on society.

GIDE – Group for International Design Education – is a network of eight partner academies and higher education institutions for international design education, consisting of:

– Thomas More Mechelen, University of Applied Sciences (Belgium – Mechelen)

– HS Magdeburg, University of Applied Sciences (Germany – Magdeburg)

– School of Design, Politecnico Di Milano (Italy – Milan)

– SUPSI – University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (Switzerland, Lugano)

– Duncan of Jordanstone College University of Dundee (Scotland, Dundee)

– MADEIRA Art and Design Department, University of Madeira (Portugal, Funchal)

– WUXI School of Design, Jiangnan University (China)

– Faculty of Design, Associated Member of the University of Primorska (Slovenia, Ljubljana)

GIDE, the Group for International Design Education, was formally established in 2003 and is a unique network of eight higher education art and design institutions, which evolved from an earlier inter-cultural network established in the nineties.

Every year the GIDE network organizes creative workshops. The International Workshop Week is organized by the host school, a member of the GIDE Group. In a typical workshop, students and lecturers from each of the eight schools in the network, which usually has 150 participants, are invited to participate interactively. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together international students, academics, researchers and regional companies as well as cultural community organizations, namely through an experimental topic in an intense and highly creative week, and to share intercultural experiences in collaboration with local sponsors, industry, designers, researchers, as well as creative and cultural organizations.

As part of the interdisciplinary international project GIDE 2020, members of the GIDE organization chose a common title on the topic of FREEDOM.

In the autumn semester, sixty-four students from two study programs at the Faculty of Design, namely Interior Design and Visual Communications, undertook an analysis of the selected interdisciplinary topic: FREEDOM.

In the working groups, students designed, analyzed, structured, and creatively molded concepts into tasks with the leading creative idea of MODULAR UNITS in freedom.

The conceptual design was based on the multi-purpose use of a modular unit (pre-fab), according to the concept of sustainability and innovation, with a possible different micro-location and intended for different age groups.

Students were given just 30 days to complete the project. They worked under the mentorship of Assist. Prof. Inge Kalan Lipar, BArch and Assist. Prof. Barbara Dovečar, MA. The final result of the interdisciplinary project was the presentation of eight futuristic projects.

The interdisciplinary international GIDE organization chose a common title on the topic LEARNING FROM NATURE for the project GIDE 2021-22 .

Selected projects:



Nature by touch