In accordance with Article 68 of the Statute, the Faculty of Design awards the Rozman Prize to students and employees for exceptional achievements.

The Rozman Prize is awarded to: 

– individuals who are employed at the Faculty of Design, or participate in, or participate in, have participated in the pedagogical or scientific research work of the Faculty of Design, for his life work in the field of pedagogical, research or professional work;
– the best graduate of undergraduate studies;
– the best graduate of postgraduate studies.

In addition to Rozman’s awards, the Faculty of Design also awards Rozman’s recognition and Rozman’s praise.

Rozman’s recognition can be received:
– individuals employed at the Faculty of Design (pedagogical and non-pedagogical workers, researchers) and groups made up of these individuals,
– individuals outside the Faculty of Design and the groups composed of these individuals and organizations,
– graduates of undergraduate studies,
– graduates of postgraduate studies,
– Individual students, where the commission assesses that they are exceptional achievements.

Rozman’s praise is conferred:
– the best pedagogical workers,
– the best students of the years.

The procedure for awarding awards and commendations is regulated in detail by the Rules on awards and recognitions of the FD.



Vinko Rozman (1938-2003) was an architect, designer and university professor who taught at Woodwork High School Ljubljana from 1960 to 1986, then at Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana unitl 1998; from 1991 as an associate professor.  He developed lessons (pedagogical work) in the construction and furniture design. He researched furniture installation systems and designed interior fittings for various stores. He wrote several textbooks and published several scientific and professional articles. With his work and innovative thinking, he also left an indelible mark on the design programme in the faculty’s beginnings in 2005.


GoinGreenGlobal is a brand that discusses a new movement of consciousness about sustainable development in design (GGG).

In this area, awards for sustainable design and innovative solutions and achievements in the field of smart cities and a quality culture of living in a global space are recognized (‘GGG Recognition’).

The GGG recognition may be awarded:

•                company (personal or capital)

•                agencies, funds, institutions, local self-governments

•                non-governmental organizations (associations, associations, etc.)

•                individuals (scientists and artists).

The FD Senate decides on the final award.

The awards can be awarded once a year at the event of the GGG Week.