Faculty Authorities /

Faculty Authorities is represented by managers and executives. The tasks and responsibilities and responsibilities of the management and managers are determined by the FD Statute and the Rules on internal organization and job classification.


Miha Matičič

Director is the managing body of the institution, which manages, represents and represents the FD and is responsible for the legality of work in the FD

Director FD : Miha Matičič


The Secretariat of the FD carries out organizational and legal matters, administrative and administrative tasks from the study, scientific, research, human resources, economic-financial and accounting fields.


Prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič

Dean of FD is a professional manager of the institution and performs tasks in accordance with the law, the act establishing the FD, the FD Statute and other acts.

Acting Dean of FD: Prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič


The FD has one or more Vice dean, proposed by the declaration for the prior consent of the Board of Directors of FD is appointed by the FD Senate for the determination of the areas. The newly appointed FD performs a task which is in charge of statutory tasks under the dean’s mandate. Appointed for the term of office of four years until the dean’s early termination.

Vice dean for Student Affairs: Prof. Nikolaj Torelli, PhD, PhD

Vice dean for Science and research:
Culture of Living: Prof. Jasna Hrovatin, PhD
Textile and fashion design: Assoc. prof. Damjana Celcar, PhD

Vice dean for Artistic activities: Assist. Prof. Mojca Perše

Vice dean for Quality Assurance and Social Responsibility: Veronika Gruden, MSc

Vice dean for Visual Communications: Assist. Prof. Barbara Dovečar, MSc

Vice dean for International Affairs: Manca Matičič Zver, MA