Research /

At the Faculty of Design we have two research groups:

  • Research group for Culture of life:
    Prof. Jasna Hrovatin PhD, Asst. Prof. Mojca Perše, Veronika Gruden MSc, Domen Lo, MSc
  • Research Group for Textiles and Clothing:
    Assoc. Prof. Damjana Celcar, PhD, Asst. Prof. Tamara Hajdu, MSc, Asst. Prof. Almina Duraković Korošec, MSc

The aim of both research groups is to achieve scientific excellence and international recognition. Group members are engaged in basic and applicative research work and development work for small and medium-sized enterprises. They cooperate with universities, research institutes and laboratories, at home and abroad. The results of their work are published in journals with citation index and professional journals in the field of activity. They can praise more patents and models.