4. July 2019


World Design Talk

On Friday, 21st of June, the City Hall hosted the World Design Talk on the theme of the 11th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The program was opened by the opening speeches by the Mayor Zoran Jankovič, the Dean of the Faculty of Design – prof. Nade Rožmanec Matičič, rector of the University of Primorska – prof. Dragan Marušič and the Italian ambassador, his Excellency Paolo Trichilo. The audience was also addressed by the President of the World Design Organization (WDO) Luisa Bocchietto, the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology Natalija Medica, the representative of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning Darja Piciga, president of the Slovenian designer’s organization Jurij Dobrila, representative of the Slovenian association for social responsibility prof. Rado Bohinc, international coordinator of GIDE network Andy Milligan and representative of the Regional Development Agency for the Ljubljana Region Lilijana Madjar. Later on honorary speakers followed;  prof.  Lučka Kajfež Bogataj on how to live within the boundaries of our planet, prof. Peter Lipar on how to achieve sustainable mobility in Ljubljana, prof. Nikolai Torelli on the environmental benefits offered by trees in the urban environment and Zmago Novak on the topic of Design of the city – design in the city. The program was moderated by the vice-dean for the international activity and the head of House of design, managment and innovation, Manca Matičič Zver.

The first part was followed by a round table on which WDO directors were presented and which was led by Steinar Mowatt Valade-Amland on the question of setting up new frames to explore the true potential of design. WDO President Luisa Bocchietto, WDO President-elect Srini Srinivasan, WDO Treasurer Gilles Rougon and other members of Board of Directors: Alpay Er, Thomas Garvey, Hicham Lahlou and Martha Zarza, who were present at the City Hall, discussed the cues that were put forward by Valade -Amland, that reflected and questioned the role of design in achieving a sustainable future. Another WDO representative – Secretary General Derome Bertrand – also honored us with his visit.

Finally, a presentation of the results of the ‘Flowing Spaces – city in motion’ project followed, which was presented by the students and the coordinator of the international GIDE network, prof. Inge Kalan Lipar, who also presented GIDE network and the workshops held annually on a different topic organized together with other partner academies / faculties from Dundee (Scotland), Wuxi (China), Madeira (Portugal), Mechelena ( Belgium), Magdenburg (Germany), Milan (Italy) and Lugano (Switzerland). At the Atrium of the Town Hall, an exhibition of all the students who took part in the above-mentioned project, which came straight from Scotland, was officially opened.

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