23. junija 2022


Create your own stencil type with Laura Meseguer

We would like to invite your students to join us at
International summer school by Academy of Fine Arts and Design University of Ljubljana
1–5 September 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia 
»Create your own stencil type with Laura Meseguer«
The main goal of this year’s International Summer School is to help students understand and practice the principles underlying typeface design. In an intensive four-day workshop, we will offer students the opportunity to create a stencil set of letters large enough to work with words and sentences to create a set of graphic pieces. The students will develop the ability to shape a full alphabet in the future. The four-day learning experience can be understood as “type design as a tool for designers”.
Detailed information about the summer school you may find here:

Application deadline is 1 July 2022 (Early Bird) or 15 July 2022 (
Please do not hesitate to contact us at and we hope to welcome your students in Ljubljana!