8. aprila 2024


GoinGreenGlobal Design Week

Faculty of Design will hold the Going Green Global Design Week – the events will take place as part of the study process and as accompanying events, with the opening “NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS FESTIVAL DESIGN TALK”, on the theme – URBAN SPACES FOR ALL

Going Green Global Design Week presents to the public the most outstanding student design works and conceptual projects created at the Faculty of Design in 2022/2023. The inspiration for the projects are the values of NEB, but above all the various challenges of society (economic, demographic, environmental and technological) and they intervene in the field of urb an planning; taking into the account accessibility, sustainability, social inclusion, revitalization of urban areas, mobility and safety. As part of the presentations, the Student Council of the Faculty of Design will organize a GGG Talk on the topic “Urban Spaces for All”, which will focus on the exchange of different views on the importance of incorporati ng sustainability and social responsibility in (interior) design. Together with experts and mentors, there will be a discussion about the tools and skills that are important for designers to contribute to a better life and community.
GGG awards will be presented for achievements in the field of sustainable d esign and innovative green solutions which Faculty of Design annually presents.


Warm Welcome!