24. maja 2024


Outfit7 Talent Camp

Click HERE to apply for the Outfit7 Talent Camp and bring your game idea to reality.

Why You Should go AFK and Join the Camp:
To co-create a game in just 4 days

No respawn points, pure speedrun action!

To get a taste of working in a game studio

Learn from the OG game makers themselves.

We take fun seriously – and we will prove it to you 😉

Get ready for lolz and next-level learning

What Ex-Campers Say:
Grega Birsa
­2015 Camper, now Senior Art Director
“Don’t think too much; just join Talent Camp!”

Barbara Erman­
2015 Camper, now Principal Lead Game Designer
“Great things happen out of your comfort zone 😉.”

Gašper Moderc
­2019 Camper, now Software Engineer
“This is a great opportunity. 10/10 would join again.”